Blackberry jadi modem? Pakai BBDM 5.01

Bagi pengguna laptop yang kesulitan untuk melakukan koneksi internet menggunakan modem Blackberry, maka Blackberry Desktop Manager versi 5.01 sudah memanjakan para pengguna itu dengan adanya menu IP Modem.



Bila kita klik menu tersebut, maka akan muncul tampilan “Connection Setting”. Silakan klik di “configure”



Akan muncul tampilan menu “Set Up Connection”. Pilihlah provider yang sesuai dengan kartu yang ada di dalam Blackberry dan klik “Ok”.

Setup Conncetion

Setup Conncetion

Bila kita pilih telkomsel, maka akan muncul profil telkomsel di menu selanjutnya. Sekarang kita sudah siap untuk berselancar di laptop dengan memakai modem Blackberry. Caranya tinggal klik pada tulisan “connect” di bawah tulisan Connect to the Internet.

Profil terpilih

Profil terpilih

Dalam waktu sekejab, maka akan terlihat proses penyambungan koneksi, verifikasi dan akhirnya laptop kitapun terkoneksi dengan telkomsel.

Namun sebelum terkoneksi, akan muncul pop up windows yang memperingatkan anda, bahwa biaya koneksi ini belum tentu gratis. Biasanya akses dengan mempergunakan BB sebagai modem akan ditagihkan secara terpisah.

peringatan sebelum terkoneksi

peringatan sebelum terkoneksi

Bila anda yakin akan maksud pop up windows tersebut, maka tinggal tekan tulisan “Continue” dan munculah tampilan komputer terkoneksi ke internet. Lengkap dengan besaran datanya.



Selamat mencoba.

Tersambung ke Internet

Tersambung ke Internet

75 komentar

  • walah apa gak jadi cepet habis kuotanya Mas? penggunaannya jadi lebih banyak berarti kan

    • Ya benar, kalau pakai quota based, maka cepat habis quotanya

      salam sehati

  • kalau smartfren extra comand dting nya apa

    • salam

      belum pernah nyoba pakai smartfren nih

      salam sehati

  • Mas mo tanya nich
    bb ku kan curve 9300 bisa gak ya dijadiin modem tapi free mas
    masa sih 2 x bayar

    thanks bgt

    • kalau dijadikan modem ya tetap harus bayar pulsa dan bayar tagihan bulanan

      salam sehati

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  • kalo misal saya terdaftar sbg pelanggan layanan BB unlimited melalui provider tertentu, apakah yg akan terjadi bila BB ini saya jadikan modem? apakah gratis krn ada paket BB unimited atau dipotong dari pulsa saya??

    • salam

      bila BB dijadikan modem, maka akan ada biaya untuk akses ke internet diluar biaya langganan BB

      jadi memang ada biaya tambahan

      salam sehati

  • mas saya mau tanya mengenai tarifnya. kalo misal saya terdaftar sbg pelanggan layanan BB unlimited melalui provider tertentu, apakah yg akan terjadi bila BB ini saya jadikan modem? apakah gratis krn ada paket BB unimited atau dipotong dari pulsa saya??

    • The USB port on the Cisco dpc3825 is for connecting your modem togruhh USB instead of the usual Ethernet connection. You can’t add another device using the USB port.

  • untuk kecepatannya kyk ap mas?

    • Kecepatan tergantung kartu yang dipakai dan lokasi pemakaian kartu.

      Salam sehati

    • This is my first review with Amazon, and I’ve been on here for years. I hope this shows how drteemined I am that great sellers and products like this keep thriving in Amazon’s market. I am an IT professional and I can be impatient with some of the current technology. This tablet has a single core processor and, depending on how crazy you go with having multiple things running, it may get sluggish at times. This shouldn’t scare anyone from buying it, though. If you’re looking for a truly multitasking environment, spend more money and get a laptop. ( I am able to run a couple of apps like the market app, browser, and a pdf reader without any problems) As an Android device, I really couldn’t find anything better. Most tablets out there for this same price are Android 2.1, with a 600 Mhz processor. Also, most of these you will have to order from China through e-Bay. If you’re looking for an Amazon equivalent, you’ll likely pay an extra 50$ and maybe more for the same technology. I decided to go with this tablet because technology changes so much that it’s really not worth getting top of the line, since it will be outdated in just a few months anyway. If you do your research right, you will find that for tablets only slightly better are up to twice as expensive as this one, and they will come down to the price of this tablet in about six months, with new technology coming out. This tablet DOES support Android Market, and you will be able to download many apps on it. It reads the SD card without a glitch. YouTube videos stream as if I was on a desktop. There’s no high buffer wait. The picture quality is amazing. Also, reading pdf/kindle/etc books on here does not strain your eyes. The text is clear/sharp. Someone correct me if I’m wrong here, but all current Operating systems, and I would bet that Android fits here as well, take advantage of the hard memory for the processor to use. This tablet might have only 256 mb of RAM memory, but do your research if this scares you. The thing also has its flash memory for storage and I do believe that it uses that memory as well for processing applications. At the end of the day, it’s best to do your research and make sure that your budget fits with your needs. If you are looking for support for a seller that is reliable and does fast shipping, along with a solid tablet that runs smooth and has amazing features unless you start using it inappropriately (it is not a laptop!), then this is the product at lowest cost. Have I mentioned how great the seller is? Usually replies to e-mails within just a few hours!

    • I\’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extremely easy for me!

  • inthancubbie

    seandainya kita pakai paket BIS, apa masih dipotong pulsa atau sudah termasuk paket BIS itu ya ?

    • ya benar.
      Ada biaya tambahan kalau kita mempergunakan BB sebagai modem.

      Salam sehati

    • You have several opitons. If the signal in your room is good you could use a wireless repeater. I would more likely go with a pair of powerline connectors (like the 500Mbps Zyxel PLA4205 or equivalent realize that you will probably get 20-40Mbps in reality) that replace the Ethernet cable. Connect an access point (actually a router with DHCP turned off and configured as an AP since it is cheaper) at your bedroom end and you can have your own wireless connections with a specific SSID, different radio channel, and different security passphrase.

  • BB 9300 gmn y cara nya buat modem, trsss kartu nya yg bagusss apa??

    • Sekarang sudah keluar yang versi 6. Coba saja.
      Untuk pemilihan kartu, sangat tergantung dengan kebutuhan dan lokasi.

      Salams ehati

  • Mas mau tny jg dong,bb saya msh os 5.0.0 sdgkan dsktop mngrnya os 5.0.1 itu bisa tidak dipake modem.Ťђάηκ•̃⌣•̃ў☺ϋ

    • Salam mas Heru.
      Seharusnya bisa tuh.

      Salam sehati.

      • This is a neat summary. Thanks for sharing!

      • Ok, I was really ecxtied to receive this item. I have to say the shipping speed was SUPER!So that was a plus. I am going to keep this as simple as possible and list the pro’s and con’s of this as I have found them after using this for a week. Also, keep in mind that I purchased this to be used mainly as an E-Reader with the benefits of the tablet for when I was looking for something to do besides read. Pro’s: 1.Fast Shipping-arrived in 3 days with me paying $3.99 extra for expedited shipping because I have a prime account, considering this came from Singapore that was a feat.(although the seller is listed as USA seller, this did surprise me) 2.Excellent Screen Clarity- played my Transformer’s 1 and 2 I transferred in HD from my HTC HD2 and had almost HD quality. 3.Fast Browser-internet speed is faster than my Windows based HTC so no complaint’s there. It is not a lap top so don’t expect instant page loads but works well enough to stream NCIS from CBS using the TV.COM app from Amazon market without issues and rebuffering constantly. 4.Feels good in hand, feels sturdy and not cheaply made. The weight feels about like a real book when used with the leather cover with on board qwerty keyboard I purchased separately.(that works great as well for anyone interested) 5.Lot’s of App’s available from Amazon that work well with this tablet. Con’s: 1.NOT Google Android Market, the OS is Android but they do not have license for the Android Market which is a separate entity. Uses Wonder Market even though it is cleverly disguised to resemble the android market but you’ll find most the apps are in Chinese and unless you speak or read that language not much good for you. After phoning Android Tech support I was informed that this device is INCOMPATIBLE with the Android market.(go to Amazon and download there Market app and there are a lot of same apps as Android market there to overcome this shortcoming. I only figured this out about day 5)I did find a place to download the Android Market but after installation it crashed every time I tried to open it. So I wouldn’t waste time there. 2.Touch screen is sluggish and slow to respond-not the greatest touch screen, really glad I have the hardware keyboard and don’t have to rely on the virtual keyboard. Pretty much stylus dependent for smooth clicking, scrolling, etc. 3.Half of the built in Apps are in Chinese so they have to be deleted or they just take up space. 4.NO e-reader app pre-installed and took a while to find one to install; until I figured out Amazon Market would work and then I was able to install the Kindle app and also found Overdrive Media that let’s you download ebooks and audiobooks from your library. 5.Battery Life-not great battery life and slow to charge. So considering my main reason for purchasing was as an ereader this part was the worst for me, after figuring out the app market issue. I can only read for a couple of hours at a time with it before it has to be charged. This is even with me putting it in Airplane mode to conserve as much power as possible. This device has some issues but for the price, I feel that the trade off is worth it. An Ipad it is not, but then again your not paying a minimum $500 price tag either. I have several fun apps, (angry birds, paper toss, farkle, etc.) That allow plenty of playtime and decent web browsing. Considering I can’t even buy a decent E-Ink reader for under $100 bucks, the $95 price tag this came with is well worth the money I feel. UPDATE: I wanted to point out for anyone expecting any usefulness out of the 3.0 MP Camera that is listed with this device, DON’T! The camera will only take SCREEN SHOTS and has no other camera functions that I have found thus far. If anyone knows any different please shoot me a message and help a girl out!

  • kalo bb diaktifkan sebagai modem kenapa bbm, ym dll yg ada di bb tdk bisa digunakan ya..? dan di menu siaga bb nama operator berubah menjadi “modem mode enabled”

    • Kayaknya memang begitu mas AW
      Makasih komentarnya.

      Salam sehati.

  • mas,

    kok di device manager saya gak muncul option untuk internet itu ya?

    • i challenge you too make a beat, using the sound a chrlaboakd makes when sum1 scratches it with there nails, like in the cartoons.i BET you cant do it, everybody vote this up!!

  • untuk perhitungan tarif buat provider indosat nagaimana tuh

    • perhitungannya sama dengan kalau kita pakai indosat untuk akses internet (GPRS)

  • wah….makasih infornya mas eko
    jadi kepengen beli BB biar connect terus sama mas eko dan merasakan kehangatannya
    tapi saya normal loh ! jangan berprasangka yang laen2 dulu….hehehehe

    • senang membaca tulisan kang Harun nih
      insya Allah kita selalu didekatkan dengan tali silaturahmi yang saling sinergis


  • Hehe…gak punya beriberi eh slh blackberry… Maklum mahasiswa baru lu2s… Msi nyari kerjaaaa..nti deh kl udh gawe mo cb pke BB. :P

    • nanti yang hape yang trendy sudah beralih ke android ‘kali

      • Better than the previous one so far. I can’t raeevl the exact CTR (because of Google’s Terms of Service). I’ll wait for a week. I think two days of design test is inconclusive.

  • Klo bb tour 9630 ada yang dah pernah coba djadiin modem blm?sharing dnk…trus efk buruknyaa bb djdiin modem apa?

    • Siahkan sharing yang pernah pakai modem 9630 u modem

      Pada prinsipnya asal dia sudah tersambung dengan BB Desktop manager 5.xx, maka tinggal ikuti langkah tersebut di atas

      Efek buruknya ya tagihan GPRS jadi membengkak, tapi kalau klaim dari smart, tagihan unlimited termasuk biaya BB sebagai modem

      wah asyik tuh…
      150 ribu per bulan

      sementara kalau pakai halo korporat 180 ribu/bulan tidak termasuk akses gprs

      kalau halo non korporat 150 ribu/bulan [juga tidak termasuk akses GPRS]


    • I love that slug!!!but I am not coming to fetch him or her or itI want to coatratulnge youon how well you kept your coolthrough what wasI know from experiencea horrible terrible experience

  • mas, kalo pake xl kira2 bayar lg ga diluar tagihan BIS nya?? klo iya byr nya seperti tarif apa ya?
    kan klo iphone, dia bs jd reuters (mengeluarkan sinyal wifi) jd bayarnya tetap sesuai BIS (150rb). tenkyu be4 u/ infonya :)

    • setahu saya mbayarnya sesuai tarif GPRS masing-masing penyedia jasa

      kalau mau lebih jelas, memang sebaiknya langsung ke provider masing-masing, karena mereka terus membuat inovasi agar jualannya laris manis.


  • Klo sudah ada yang coba pakai bb 8528 jadi modem sharing donk…thanks

    • Yup…!
      siapa mau berbagi ilmu BB 8528


  • Kabar gembira bagi pengguna BlackBerry. Kini platform blog wordpress bisa dibuka melalui gadget blackberry. Aplikasi WordPress for BlackBerry bisa digunakan untuk blog yang menggunakan atau wordpress yang hosting sendiri. Aplikasi ini bisa dijalankan menggunakan BlackBerry 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, atau Storm.

    • Hehehe…
      makasih infonya

      Hampir saja wordpress di BBku tak hapus. Langsung tak buka aplikasi WP di BB dan muncul tulisan “A new version of WP for BB is now available. Do You want to update now?”

      Jelas kujawab Yes !

      Muncul versi terbaru [menggantikan versi]
      ukuran 428.5 kb


    • Dude, I have a Verizon USB720 air card and one time I was staying on the 14th floor of the Hudson in dtwnoown NYC and I thought I was getting really good connection speeds, so I tested my connection using speakeasy and it showed over 5 Mbps! There must have been a cell tower on the roof of the hotel or something crazy like that.

  • Arman ade Chandra

    Benar 2 ok punya bb di jadikan modem…..

    • BB sebagai modem sebenarnya kurang disarankan, tetapi karena banyaknya perminytaan akhirnya dari BB sendiri mengeluarkan menu untuk mempermudah pemasangan BB sebagai modem


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    • Arman ade Chandra

      Saya ada pengalaman sedikit,mengenai blackberry
      yg sdh sy coba pakai kartu broom dari indosat M2
      ini settingan yg saya pakai ternyata sukses 100%
      selamat mencoba utk teman2 semua.

      1. Nyalain DM
      2. Colokan bb
      3. Masuk ke modem properties di control panel.
      4. Coba diagnostic dulu (biasanya namanya standard modem….), kedetect ga.
      5. Kalo ok masukin extra command string: at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”” atau at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”indosatgprs” atau at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”telkomsel”
      6. Create network connection, pilih modemnya, dial number: *99#
      7. Isi username & password sesuai ops masing2. Isat: indosat, indosat. XL: xlgprs, proxl. Tsel: wap, wap123
      8. Konek deh….

      Apabila memakai bluetooth:
      1. Pairing dulu
      2. Ikutin seperti langkah ke-3 diatas & seterusnya

      • Makasih komentarnya mas.
        Ini menambah pencerahan pembaca blog ini.

        Cara yang mirip tapi dengan gambar dapat dilihat disini


        • Bakeling, I guess so, sikit sikit control lar. If I asked them, sure they want to go again, but not for me, heehhe..Palidor and Rachel, Thanks for your compliment.Colin,ya, I guess so, but I think I can be better, need to practise more often. Ya, I like this family portrait too, my hubby suggest us to sit on the street unlike other people just stand, this way we can get very nice background.Mia,I dont think much, thatswhy I still look young from outside and inside, hahaha..For your next HK visit, you should visit at least one time to fulfill your childhood dream and fairy tales, beg lar Alex, I’m sure he will bring you.Somewhere in Singapore, then quickly visit again. But this Disneyland in HK is not that big, 1/2 day settle everything.Canary, Thanks dear.

      • At least there’s a good fish & chip shop. It’s round the corner from Steins, aesirtdving itself as the Fish & Chip shop the locals use. And don’t forget to visit the National Lobster Hatchery too.

      • You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Bro, download BBDM 5.01 nya dimana ya? Thx bro

    • Bro Yoshua,

      silahkan baca artikelku disini

      tapi kalau mau langsung unduh silahkan kesini saja

      kabari kalau ada masalah unduh mengunduh ini ya


      salam kompak selalu

    • my iphone 3g is not acaevttid I bought it from a friend who works for at&t so he just sold me the phone, I have a T-mobile sim card would the rebel sim card work with my t-mobile sim card?Thanks

  • LxKEha,

  • Salam bang, kalo BB 8520 bisa jadi modem juga ya?

    • mestinya bisa deh
      tapi aku belum nyoba

      mungkin ada teman-teman yang pernah nyoba?


  • katanya kalo pke XL bisa pake BIS??benar?

    • ups….
      kalau ini benar, wah mantap banget
      yuk kita sama-sama cari info tentang ini


      • ya brow .., WordPress emang lumayan seru ., emang bedreba dengan mengunakan blogger.., tapi masing masing memng mempunyai kelebihan sendiri sendiri .., oh ya . Wp juga supor plugin iklan baris , website iklan baris ku berbasis WP sebentar lagi lounching . hehehehheheBrow . malam mingguan sama Blog nya .? hehehehehhehesaya juga . wk wk wk wk wk wk Jablay . !!!!! cewek ku pulang kampung wk wk wk wk wk salam hangat dari blogger Bali

  • Terima kasih banyak atas informasi yang berharga ini, khusus kami yang selalu PEMBICARA – PENGAMAT dan PELAKU Jualan di Internet.

    Agus Setiyawan, 081 333 841183, 0341 5455330

    • Terima kasih komentarnya pak Agus Setiyawan.


  • duitnya blom ada mas.buat beli BB.
    kecuali dapet hadiah.

    ngarep mode :ON

    • kalau gak punya duit untuk beli BB, maka sebaiknya beli uang dulu aja deh…

      • Great article but it didn’t have everything-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

      • He he Manis juga ternyata kalau di paanjg gt ! :tinju: Tambah manis lagi, yang komen pada lucu-lucu semua !hohohoho. . .yang komen ini juga lucu. . .:melet:

  • Duh saya nggak punya BlackBerry mas hehehe

    • hahaha…

      mbak Ajeng ini suka gitu lho…

      aku juga gak punya kok
      yang sering kupakai itu punya seseorang yang kebetulan meminjamkannya padaku


  • mbayarnya gimana mas? apa kena tarif GPRS? atau masih tetap dianggap blekbiri?

    • ya terpaksa GPRS mas kalau pakai telkomsel

      pakai yang lainpun kayaknya tetap harus bayar di luar tagihan BIS atau BES


      • Now we know who the sensible one is here. Great post!

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