Need For Speed di Iconia dan Ipad2

“Mas pinjam Ipadnya, coba tak mainkan NFS-nya”, kata temanku

“Silahkan mas, itu hanya demo lho, bukan versi full”.

“Mau nyoba main deh. Dulu soalnya sudah khatam di PC, jadi mau nyoba di tablet”

Ipad kuserahkan pada kawanku dan aku kembali memperhatikan jalan, sementara sang driver senyum-senyum di sebelahkau. Entah apa yang dipikirkan aku tidak tahu.

“Uzz…Uzz…wah kok susah sekali mainnya nih…”

“Wah beda dengan di PC…”

Satu race terselesaikan dan Ipad kembali diserahkan padaku.

“Enakan pakai panah di keyboard daripada di tablet pak. Hahahaha….nabrak-nabrak terus…”

Aku juga merasakan hal yang sama. Kayaknya dulu enak saja ketika nyalip di tikungan, tetapi dengan NFS di tablet, maka kita cukup memutar tablet seolah-olah sedang pegang setir dan hasilnya beda dengan yang dulu berhasil kulakukan dengan sempurna di PC.

Kayaknya harus belajar lagi nih, kalau sempat. Waktu main game saat ini sangat susah dialokasikan. Apalagi kalau sedang main game terus keluar notifikasi, game pause dan harus klik notifikasi agar bisa jalan lagi.

Need For Speed di Ipad2

Need For Speed di Ipad2

Bagi para maniak game NFS, pasti sangat menikmati sajian di tablet, terutama di Ipad, karena gambarnya memang sangat jernih dan natural. Sedangkan di Acer iconia lebih nyaman kalau disambung ke LCD Monitor, sehingga layar lebih gedhe dan mainnya lebih seru.

Sampai kapanpun game ini pasti asyik untuk pecinta balap mobil. Sayangnya tidak semua game masih cocok ketika kesibukan sudah menyita waktu kita. Yang perlu diingat, bila kita melihat anak kita asyik main game, jangan langsung dimarahi atau dilarang. Kita pernah juga sangat cinta dengan game, semua ada masanya :-)

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  • keren ya pak NFS, dulu sering main kaya gituan tapi bukan NFS… hehehe

    • atikelku ini rupanya sering diserang spam :-)
      Sori telat banget njawabnya :-)

  • Wehehe.. itu photonya NFS Shift ya pak.. saya juga main dan sering jengkel kalo pas lagi seru, eh muncul notif.. hehe..

    • Bener mas.
      Cuma di iOS 5 katanya notifikasi bisa diatur agar gak ngganggu permainan.

      Kita tunggu saja ya.

      Salam sehati

  • Maniak game juga, ya, ha ha ha ….

    • Hahahaha….
      Dulu suka main game ini
      Senang juga main Manager Bal-balan

      Itu aja mbak.

      Salam sehati

      • I do not believe for a secnod that Walt and Michael are free. (Michael has some payback coming now too.) Good call who ever it was that opined Not-Henry was in charge. Not-Henry wanted Locke to quit pressing the button right? But it seems he is most interested in staying hidden so that is confusing. I am betting that Widmore paid Libby to offer Des the boat. (I wonder what else she did?) Does that mean the Others are against Dharma (I always thought they were)but not sure how they fit. Do they need to stay hidden to damage Hanso Foundation without losing their lives? So does that mean they are recruiting Jack, Kate and Sawyer? I am still stuck on the time warp thing could they be from the future? the past? Looks like Jack and Kate (and Sawyer??) have a plan cooked up with the eyes closing thing I am sure that will be good. I am guessing that Locke, Eko and Desmond are ok but what kind of shape are they in? Have they now been exposed to radiation or something similar? (Looks like we are going to have to research EMT.) Dude, Hurley is going to tell . I cannot wait to watch this again It is going to be a long summer and to coin a phrase heard here they are going to need a bigger boat ! Loved the answers and the new questions. Best show on TV!

      • ok, so i’m new here and just wanted to offer a cluope theories i didn’t see posted.but first, i want to say nice post julie i very much, I think it’s pretty obvious kate’s purpose on lostcatraz is to further jacob’s agenda (we’re still waiting to find out what that is, of course). And then I think sawyers purpose on the island is to act as a control on kate (remember sayid saying how he wanted to capture two hostages, one to keep the other in line). and then jack was added at ben’s discretion for surgery purposes.I disagree with the theory that sawyer was there to impregnate kate they would at least wait to do a pregnancy test on kate before killing sawyer if that was the case. instead, i think the reason sawyer is now expendable is because jack was added to the list after jacob made the list, and therefore jack can now act as a control on kate.Additionally,i think it’s possible that juliette was still working for/with ben when she came in with the video. if i was ben, i would want to test jack to see if i could trust him to actually do the surgery (if jack gave juliette any indication that he agreed with her plan, ben would immediately cancel the surgery). if this was true, then the whole fighting dynamic between ben and juliette has been an act for jack’s benefit so ben could test him. ben has been known to be quite devious and manipulative .

  • wa,, sepertinya notifikasi yang keluar2 itu sangat mengganggu.. haha

    btw, saya belum pernah coba main NFS di ipad,, (pegang ipad aja belum).. tapi uda pernah main balap2an mobil di android (anggap aja sejenis)… cara nyetirnya menurutku sama,, hapenya yang di miring2in,,
    dan ternyata memang sangat menyulitkan… mungkin krn blum terbiasa aja, makanya dianggap sulit.. haha,, sekarang saya sudah malas lanjut main balap2 mobilnya… sangat sulit.. mobilnya nabrak mulu.. :)

    • Ini semua gara-gara Acer Iconia yang dipamerkan di JCC

      Salam sehati

      • You col’ndut pay me to ignore these posts!

    • [quote comment=”2734″]MaybeI am new to this blog sorta and I don’t know if anbdyoy mentioned it but wasn’t that Pearl episode really kinda RINGISH sorta like the girl on the website? That one girl was crazy looking. At the beginning there was that weird flashback like the video in The Ring , There even was that weird tree that was in the movie the Ring and the tree was on this island. Then the Ring that Eko saw on the ground? Also that girl had drowned like the girl in The Ring? Could there be some connection here??[/quote]I haven’t seen the ring, but I know that the writers throw in subtle references to all kinds of movies they like so it wouldn’t be surprising if they where a bit inspired by The Ring, but I have no idea if we should see these kind of connections as some kind of clue to the overall mystery.

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  • iPad2 wow keren, sy main di iPad1 sih aman-aman saza tau deh klu di iPad2 hehehehe

    • yang jelas layarnya lebih mulus (sedikit) dan prosesornya dua kali lebih kenceng

      Salam sehati

      • Interesting have you ever thought about the menanig behind the name of this particular DHARMA Initiative station The Pearl . -In Christian mysticism, or gnostic text, The Apocryphal Acts of Thomas/The Gospel of Thomas (aka Judus Thomas not to be confused with the Judus that betrayed Jesus) there is a something called The Hymn of the Pearl also called The Hymn of the Soul . This text tells of a story of the son of the king of kings , who is sent to Egypt to retrieve a pearl from a snake/serpent. While on this quest, the son of the king of kings is seduced by the Egyptians and forgets his origin, his family, and the purpose for his quest. However, a letter is sent from the king of kings that reminds him of his past. When the son of the king of kings reads his letter, he remembers his mission. He then snatches the pearl and returns home.This hymn’ is interpreted as a Gnostic view of the human condition, we are lost in a world of matter and do not remember our true origin, but God sends a message, by way of Jesus, to make us remember through gnosis . -I don’t know if this has anything to do with this station but I believe it may provide clues to who may have occupied this station or why this station was discovered, and why Eko comes to the conclusion that The reason to do it, push the button, is not because we are told to do so in the film We do it because we believe we are meant to.

      • I, too, am heartbroken to lose Mr. Eko, but I found it cofimrtong to hear that the actor wanted to leave the show. That means the writers HAD to write him off, and it wasn’t just a crazy plot twist for the sake of a crazy plot twist.I love LOVE! the exchanges among Ben, Jack, and Juliet. I really don’t know who to trust. I do think there are some similarities here to The Long Con. Both Ben and Juliet are sort of confessing their previous deceptions, trying to convince Jack that NOW they are being honest. To what end? Does Juliet really want to get rid of Ben? Does Ben even really HAVE a tumor? Are they doing all of this just to test Jack’s morality as a doctor and as a person?The smoke monster remains the ONE mystery on Lost that truly confounds me. Everything else seems to classify as science or faith, but I can’t get my mind around this one.I agree that the new characters S-U-C-K. Maybe Nikki the bimbo will be the smoke monster’s next victim, and that will give Paulo a chance to be grief-stricken or angry or vengeful or ANYTHING AT ALL INTERESTING.

    • Hey, you’re the goto exrtep. Thanks for hanging out here.

  • perasaan sy anteng-2 aja main nya ga nabrak2 pak eko, tergantung niat kle yaa hehehehe

    • Hahaha…
      kalau aku sih memang jago nabrak,
      soalnya belum bisa nyalip tanpa nabrak je…

      Dirty : 60 !

      Salam sehati

      • Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my quostiens…until now.

  • Wah jadi pengen beli ne.
    btw kangen juga sama NFS. .
    maklum laptop ane cman adanya PES2011 . wkwkwkw… ane bsa ke rental dulu sambil ngacir :D

    • Hahaha….
      Perasaan dulu udah tamat,
      tenryata masih ada lanjutannya di tablet

      jadi nostalgia lagi deh

      Salam sehati

  • koment pertama datang.. NFS Ipad bisa diupgrade kaya yg ada di PC ndak?

    • Wah belum tahu nih.

      Kayaknya kalau ada upgrade selalu ngasih pemebritahuan, tapi upgrade yang kayak apa yang dimaksud mas Amirul aku agak gak paham.

      Salam sehati

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